Sichuan Chengdu Chenggong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., or "CG", began as a state-owned enterprise in 1950. Sixty years later, we have become a professional manufacturer of wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders and more heavy equipment machines with outstanding technical support. In recent years, we have received many national honors, including "China Famous Brand Products" for our "CG" ZL series wheel loaders in 2004, and "Famous Trademark of China" for our "CG" trademark in May 2009. CG wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and motor graders find a wide range of applications in construction and other industries. Our wheel loaders are the major machine applied in earthwork and stonework construction for shoveling, loading, and carrying bulk materials like soil and stones. They can also be used for shoveling huge rocks and pan soil. In road construction applications, CG wheel loaders are mainly used to dig and fill the roadbed, collecting and loading asphalt, concrete, and more. These construction machines are generally characterized by fast operation speed, high efficiency, good mobility, easy operation, and reliability.

CG backhoe loaders, or loader backhoes are small, multi-functional heavy equipment machines. They are generally used for small-scale tasks when the major project is finished. Outfitted with many devices and accessories, they can carry out excavation, shoveling, loading, road breaking, ground flattening, ditch digging, pipe laying, and more. CG backhoe loaders generally used for road construction and maintenance, cable laying, and other applications in airports, irrigation and water conservation projects, house building, and other construction projects.

CG motor graders are multi-purpose earthmoving machines for ground leveling, channel-digging, slope-constructing, earth-moving, snow-clearing, and mixture stirring. They are particularly suitable for flat ground, roadbeds, and paved roads. They have good adaptability, simple and precise operation, and are invaluable equipment for the construction of highways, airports, hydro-power, and agricultural projects, etc.

As an experienced construction-machine manufacturer, we are fully aware of the important role that quality plays in the development of a successful business. Therefore, we have implemented a strict quality control system for monitoring every detail of production. In addition, we keep learning new technologies from famous companies like Caterpillar, and importing advanced, key components and testing devices from famous companies like Cummins, HUSCO, Carraro, ZF, and more. These devices work to improve our quality, shorten job time, save raw materials, and reduce production costs. As a result of our commitment to quality, our wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and motor graders are all ISO9001: 2000, CE, TIRE III, and GOST certified. Together with lower prices and full services, these products are exported to over 60 countries that include Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, UK, Germany, France, Russia, India, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. Due to our increasing share in the global market, we've established offices in Iran and Tunisia to better serve our customers.

CG has been in the business of researching and manufacturing construction machines for 60 years. Our experience and knowledge in this area enables us to provide our customers with not only superior quality, but also excellent service. We ship our wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and motor graders 15-60 days after the order is placed, and we offer a warranty of one year, or 2000 working hours, for all of our products.

Thank you for visiting our website! For more information about our wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders, or other heavy equipment vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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866HTC Standard Backhoe Loader
CG is an experienced backhoe loader manufacturer in China. Apart from backhoe loaders, we also manufacture and supply wheel loaders and motor graders. 866HTC Backhoe Loader is powered by a Tier III engine.It is supported by HUSCO hydraulic components. Its spacious cab has an adjustable, air-suspending and shock absorbing seat. The engine of this Top Classbackhoe loader can be opened backwards for easy engine access during maintenance. It has a professional excavator-style curved arm. This Top Classbackhoe loader can also be equipped with an optional extension arm.It also adopts bucket return-to-dig system.Carraro transmission.PCLS hydraulic pilot control system.It has an extension arm.Tool carrier loader linkage. ...
CG956C Wheel Loader
This wheel loader has a long wheelbase. It provides good stability for the whole machine.It adopts a single-lever pilot control. It is equipped with a fully hydraulic flow amplification system.This wheel loader has a novel dash panel and operation boxes. A/C and fuel gauge. Its electronically controlled engine cover provides easy maintenance for the engine, radiator and other components.The strengthened bucket of CG956C wheel loader comes with a wear-resistant plate and teeth.Installment boxes are available at both sides for holding the steering and brake components.This wheel loader adopts Shangchai C6121 Engine (optional Weichai Styer Engine). Its performance reaches the top level in China. ...
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